Download ANA v1.5 Mac OSX-Xdb

Audio Manufacturing / Digital Devices

We imagine that an awesome sounding important synth is essential to nice sounding productions however for too lengthy these sort of merchandise have been priced out of attain for many aspiring producers. With ANA we intention to alter that! ANA has been designed from the bottom as much as create all of the sounds you hear in fashionable and traditional digital music.

ANA 1.5 New Options:

New Lush Plate Reverb Algorithm
Fixing Modwheel Modulation routing
Including Modulation Routing to FX and different Sources
Further VA & Noise Oscs
New Comb, All Cross & Distortion & BP Filters
Polyphony Prohibit (makes such a distinction to CPU)
Full Polyphonic Portamento with numerous modes
Including Detune Form Management (offers linear or exp Curves)
SuperSaw Volumes Balanced
G-ENV Sync
Added Eq part
New Cleaner GUI
Loading/Saving Customized Preset Banks/Categorys

New filters:
LP+Drive, LP+Distortion, All Cross, Comb, 2Pole Band Cross, 2Pole Band Cross Saturated

Efficiency & Bug Fixes:
Basic Reminiscence & CPU Optimizations

New Waveforms:
Commonplace waves, APulse, MSaw, PSaw, SubSaw, SyncPulse, Comb 1-5, Dist 1-22, Fmod 1-6

Noise Waves:
Chime Noise, Early chord, Grain Voice 4, Sexy, Ice Chord, Ice Wind, Male Choir, Steel Water, Steel Wind, Orcha Choir, Serenity Wind, Sky Bells, Suspense Chord, Winter Chord, Marvel Chord, Xmass Voice, White Noise, Pink Noise

90s Bass, Buzz Click on, Digi Bell, Hi Hat, Kick Click on 1, Kick Click on 2, Tom 1-4