Download Audio Tricks for Mixing (All 4 Parts) TUTORiAL

Audio Tricks for Mixing (All 4 Parts) TUTORiAL

This 4 half course is a set of these cool little methods that producers and engineers use within the studio to sweeten the sound, and add pleasure to a tune. A few of these methods are generally used every day, and a few are secret weapons solely used when in particular conditions.

Every video within the course explains one easy trick. It’s common observe to make use of a mixture of methods when producing a tune. So after you have the data, it turns into a strategy of trial and error to be taught when every trick is acceptable.

Half 1 of 4:
01 Introduction
02 Primary Routing in a DAW
03 Primary Automation
04 Primary Modifying

Half 2 of 4:
01 Filters
02 Phone Filter
03 Filter Sweeps
04 Parallel Compression
05 Parallel Distortion
06 Tremolo and Gates
07 Synthetic Crowd
08 Trippy Modulated Delay
09 Delay Throws

Half three of 4:
01 Screwed Down Vocals
02 Robotic AutoTune
03 Synthetic Concord
04 Reversed Reverb
05 Pre Delay Settings for Reverb
06 Gated Reverb
07 Reverb and Envelope Filters
08 Pitch Shifted Reverb

Half 4 of 4:
01 Elastic Audio Half 1
02 Elastic Audio Half 2
03 Stutter Edits
04 Audiosuite Modifying
05 Stereo Width Half 1
06 Stereo Width Half 2
07 Glitch Results
08 AutoTune and MIDI
09 Vocoder

Audio Tricks for Mixing (All 4 Parts) TUTORiAL