Download Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox v5.12 VST RTAS AU Ked MAC-DDP

Unique Classic Fashion Channel Strip
Designed by musicians for musicians, the Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox is the most recent addition
to the Blue Tubes Plug-ins vary, and combines all the very best parts of the Tube Emulator,
CP2S compressor and PEQ332 parametric equaliser to create a really versatile and spectacular
sounding valve entrance finish for any audio system. Included in: Blue Tubes Bundle V3.

::: FEATURES :::
– Tube (12AX7) Quantity variable from Zero to 100%
– Tube Shade variable from -10
– Tube Twin-Triode variable from single to twin
– Tube bypass change
– Gate Threshold variable from Zero to -60dB
– Gate Assault Time variable from 0.2 to 400 ms
– Gate Launch Time variable from 50 to 2000 ms
– Gate bypass change
– Compressor Threshold variable from Zero to -60dB
– Compressor Assault Time variable from 1 to 400 ms
– Compressor Launch Time variable from 50 to 2000 ms
– Compressor Ratio variable from 1:1 to 10:1
– Compressor MakeUp variable from -15dB of achieve
– Compressor Pre/Put up EQ change
– Compressor bypass change
– 2 bands shelving equalisation
– 2 bands parametric equalization
– 2 bands pass-filters
– LF band variable from 40Hz to 600Hz – low-shelf
– LMF band variable from 200Hz to 2.5kHz – low-mid-parametric
– HMF band variable from 600Hz to 7.5kHz – high-mid-parametric
– HF band variable from 1.5kHz to 16kHz – high-shelf
– HPF variable from 20Hz to 80Hz
– LPF variable from 10kHz to 18kHz
– Every band affords -15dB of achieve and variable Bandwidth-Q
– Distinctive EQ bypass change for all bands
– Enter and output stage controls giving -15dB trim
– Peak-Limiter management
– Simple-to-use classic interface with VU Meters.

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