Download frame DRUM X3M KONTAKT

Genuine Center Jap frame Drums recorded in varied sections and ensembles, appropriate for all types of dynamic music and particularly movie/videogames.

For years the Center Jap frame drum has been a continuing color in soundtracks and music productions everywhere in the world. Making use of our sampling philosophy to the assorted devices of the frame drum department yielded some very natural and contemporary sounding outcomes, which mixed with our X3M percussion engine are merely a pleasure to play.

One in all our essential objectives was to have constant Spherical Robins captured for as many enjoying methods as doable to permit writing quick, however on the identical time easy and practical sounding percussion preparations. To realize that we fastidiously edited each single pattern of our 10 Spherical Robins manually and did as many iterations as wanted after extensively testing the articulations in an actual life composing surroundings.

Along with that one more vital purpose for us was to increase the sonic palette of the standard frame drum sound by including different devices, which improve, however don’t alter the aesthetics of the essential sound an excessive amount of. Due to this fact frame DRUM X3M doesn’t simply encompass the identical stuff we now have all heard numerous occasions earlier than, however options new and but unheard instrument combos respiration stay into your percussion preparations.The recordings befell within the Sofia Session Studio the place we additionally recorded the earlier X3M libraries to permit easy and simple layering.

The X3M Percussion Engine
The idea behind this engine is pretty easy – the keyboard vary is split into 12 zones that you’ll be able to assign completely different sounds to. After making a template of your selecting simply plug in and play – nothing else wanted!
Along with that the engine additionally permits you to tweak particular person zones, in addition to the entire mapped ensemble patch with varied results and mic positions. Combining these with the pure and natural recordings you might have most flexibility relating to sound.

When you load up the X3M Ensemble Builder you routinely load all samples contained in the “Samples” listing. Nevertheless, the instrument is in-built such a method that it truly retains all samples purged, except you load them up right into a zone. Which means that not solely do you might have a single patch with all forms of percussion you may want, however it’s also optimized and doesn’t harm your RAM ressources in any method!


framesurdos (four dyn x10RR)
Rattle Snakes (four dyn x10RR)
Excessive Skins (four dyn x10RR)
Excessive Hit (four dyn x10RR)
Low Hit (four dyn x10RR)
Cranium Island (four dyn x10RR)
Runners (four dyn x10RR)
Slam (four dyn x10RR)LARGE
21” Heart (3dyn/10RR)
21” Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
21” Finger (2dyn/10RR)
21” Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
21” FX (2dyn/10RR)
21” Facet (3dyn/10RR)
21” Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
21” Physique (1dyn/10RR)

Turk Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Turk Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
Turk Finger (2dyn/10RR)
Turk Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
Turk FX (2dyn/10RR)
Turk Facet (3dyn/10RR)
Turk Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
Turk Physique (1dyn/10RR)

Tunisia Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Tunisia Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
Tunisia Finger (2dyn/10RR)
Tunisia Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
Tunisia Facet (3dyn/10RR)
Tunisia Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
Tunisia Physique (1dyn/10RR)

19” Heart (3dyn/10RR)
19” Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
19” Finger (2dyn/10RR)
19” Facet (3dyn/10RR)
18” Heart (3dyn/10RR)
18” Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
18” Finger (2dyn/10RR)
18” Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
18” FX (2dyn/10RR)
18” Facet (3dyn/10RR)
18” Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
18” Physique (1dyn/10RR)

Algiers Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Algiers Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
Algiers Finger (2dyn/10RR)
Algiers Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
Algiers FX (2dyn/10RR)
Algiers Facet (3dyn/10RR)
Algiers Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
Algiers Physique (1dyn/10RR)

16” Heart (3dyn/10RR)
16” Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
16” Finger (2dyn/10RR)
16” Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
16” FX (2dyn/10RR)
16” Facet (3dyn/10RR)
16” Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
16” Physique (1dyn/10RR)

14” Heart (3dyn/10RR)
14” Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
14” Finger (2dyn/10RR)
14” Facet (3dyn/10RR)

12” Heart (3dyn/10RR)
12” Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
12” Finger (2dyn/10RR)
12” Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
12” FX (2dyn/10RR)
12” Facet (3dyn/10RR)
12” Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
12” Physique (1dyn/10RR)

Dervish Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Dervish Finger (2dyn/10RR)
Dervish Facet (3dyn/10RR)

8” Heart (3dyn/10RR)
8” Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
8” Finger (2dyn/10RR)
8” Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
8” FX (2dyn/10RR)
8” Facet (3dyn/10RR)
8” Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
8” Physique (1dyn/10RR)

Bazaar Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Bazaar Facet (3dyn/10RR)

Morocco Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Morocco Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
Morocco Finger (2dyn/10RR)
Morocco Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
Morocco FX (2dyn/10RR)
Morocco Facet (3dyn/10RR)
Morocco Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
Morocco Physique (1dyn/10RR)

Damascus Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Damascus Heart Damp (3dyn/10RR)
Damascus Finger (2dyn/10RR)
Damascus Finger Damp (2dyn/10RR)
Damascus FX (2dyn/10RR)
Damascus Facet (3dyn/10RR)
Damascus Triplet (3dyn/10RR)
Damascus Physique (1dyn/10RR)

Sanddrum Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Sanddrum Facet (3dyn/10RR)
Ocean Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Ocean Facet (3dyn/10RR)
Shaman Heart (3dyn/10RR)
Shaman Facet (3dyn/10RR)

Requires Native Devices Kontakt 5+ FULL model!

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