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Lars Schurse Countrified Blues Guitar

Important Countrified Strategies & Approaches for the Blues Guitarist
The traces between nation music, blues, and even rock are extra blurred at the moment than ever earlier than. Legendary guitarists like Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert, Johnny Hiland and Danny Gatton have all ‘countrified’ their justifiable share of blues progressions and rock grooves. Likewise, dozens of high modern rock and blues gamers have ‘countrified’ their solos with some tasty twang, hybrid choosing, and pedal metal licks.

If you happen to’re additionally itching to countrify your personal blues or rock soloing vocabulary, Lars Schurse will get you there in an actual hurry along with his Countrified Blues Guitar Guidebook.

”We’ll cowl key nation strategies together with hybrid choosing, pedal metal licks, behind-the-nut bends, open string licks, and find out how to combine Mixolydian with blues scales. I’ll maintain the whole lot inside the perspective of a blues or rock participant. Every of those strategies will probably be explored in-depth and even in the event you solely skim these chapters, you’ll be including a little bit of twang to your solos very quickly flat.”

Awarded the Guitar Participant Picks Award by Guitar Participant Journal for his extraordinary skills on the instrument, Lars Schurse is a sought-after dwell and studio guitarist. Spiegel On-line calls him, ”The most effective nation guitarists of at the moment.” We name ourselves very fortunate to welcome Lars to the household with this primary TrueFire course, the Countrified Blues Guitar Guidebook!

Within the first part of the course, Lars will display 6 key ideas and strategies: the CAGED System, Word Alternative, Hybrid Selecting, Pedal Metal Bending, Behind the Nut Bending, and Open String Licks.

With Lars as your information, you’ll solo your means via 6 countrified blues efficiency research placing the entire key ideas and method to work in a real-world musical context.

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