Download Legion Series 33 Drummers: Batucada KONTAKT

Legion Series 33 Drummers: Batucada KONTAKT

In our efforts to push the restrict of ensemble percussion sampling, we have now traveled to Latin America to pattern an impressive Batucada ensemble. ‘Legion Series 33 Drummers’ is just not solely composed of a large ensemble of 33 drummers enjoying in unison, but in addition the ensemble cut up into sections, summing as much as 88 drums. 5 Timbas, 9 Tamborims, 6 Guaches, 11 Chocalhos, 12 Caixas (snares), 12 Repiniques, 12 Surdos (Four Bass Gamers, Four mid Gamers, and Four excessive Gamers), 11 Dobras and 10 Cowbells have been sampled in impartial sections together with two solos, making this library probably the most in-depth devoted Batucada library you’ll ever want.

The Batucada is a Brazilian band composed solely of percussion devices, historically accompanied by marching in a parade of costumed dancers and floats within the Brazilian Carnivals. The sound of a Batucada is extremely highly effective and will give even the loudest rock bands a run for his or her cash. The self-discipline required to prepare and preserve this type of tight, seamless drumming is astounding and it was an absolute pleasure to work with these percussive consultants.

Because the music is primarily composed completely of percussive devices we needed to provide you an in depth sonic picture of every of those improbable musicians, not solely by deep-sampling the Batucada as one 33-player rhythmic ensemble in unison but in addition by providing you deep-sampled variations of every of the sections in addition to an extra two solo participant views for every of the devices. Now you can play the sounds of this African influenced South American group that includes A number of Rhythmic Variations (loops), each with actual dynamic management and round-robin, together with lots of of articulations per instrument!

The Batucada makes use of our acquainted Legion UI and includes a vary of front-facing choices, giving easy accessibility to manage the devices. These choices embrace Assault, Launch, Pitch, Glide and Pattern Offset The Reverse, Chaos, and Stack choices additionally enable for fast choices to randomize or change the sound of the ensemble utterly. The Batucada additionally contains our customized Chaos FX system in addition to our extremely intuitive 4-part XY Results Engine for much more in-depth sound design choices.

Meet The Gamers
The Timba is an extended drum that produces low tones and is performed with the arms. The Tamborim is a small, spherical body drum with a head sometimes product of nylon tightly tuned to make sure a excessive, sharp timbre, offering a minimal quantity of maintain – it’s the soul of samba music. The Dobra is the mid-range drum or often known as the melody drum and often performs intricate patterns of drumming. The Surdos in a regular Batucada exist in three completely different sizes (Low – Mid – Excessive) and generally present the heartbeat and energy of the ensemble.

Meet The Gamers
The Guaches are metallic shakers crammed with numerous forms of beads and seeds. Chocalhos are two-handed metallic shakers (previously bottle caps) sometimes used as a supporting instrument to maintain the rhythm, closely contributing to the “swing” of the batucada. The Caixa is what offers character to the batucada. Performed with two picket sticks, retains the brilliant character alive. The Caxia helps set up the tempo and provides prospers between within the Surdos. The Repinique is a high-pitched tom-tom that helps fill within the breaks of the decrease devices and is usually used for name and response or complicated syncopated ostinato patterns. You’ll often see the Repinique doubling the snares or Caixa. The Cowbells or Agogo present one of many highest tones of the Batucada.

Superior Options
Our Legion Series comprises a complete array of intuitive controls. Immediately stack and mix as many articulations as you need. Reverse any sound with a single click on. Regulate the pace, pitch, and pattern offset with only a contact of a dial. Every thing is fast, simple and intuitive, so you possibly can consider what’s most vital – the music.

Four Half Results Engine
Legion Series 33 Drummers “Batacuda” additionally comprises our acquainted 4-part Results Engine for excessive and simple sound processing. Every of the Four impact modules contains an X/Y Matrix that may be assigned to an impact resembling Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Rotator, Delay, Refrain, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, and Convolution Reverb. The X/Y parameters might be assigned to any of the results settings and mapped to any MIDI CC so you may have whole management over every impact. The acquainted UI additionally contains each a Sequencer and Modulation tab which let you additional manipulate the samples.

40 GB compressed to 19.Eight GB (97,680 Samples)
Deep Sampled Batucada Percussion Ensemble
11 Instrument varieties sampled solo and in sections
As much as 33 Drummers enjoying in unison
A number of Rhythmic Variations
Samba reggae, Samba, Pagode, and Funk Kinds
A number of Microphone Positions
Superior UI with 4-part XY Results Engine
Full Retail Model of Kontakt 5.8 (or later) Required

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