Download Lindell Plugins Bundle 2017 WIN CE-V.R

The 100% Lindell Bundle offers you the whole assortment of Lindell’s plugins, from his stellar emulation of the basic Neve® 2254E™ limiter, to the Pultec impressed sweetness of the PEX-500 EQ, to the FET based mostly “76” model compression of the 7X-500 limiter. By no means earlier than has there been a plugin bundle that delivered a lot genuine classic tone.

Developed by LSR-Audio and distributed by Plugin Alliance:

Lindell 254E v1.2.0
Lindell 354E v1.0.0
Lindell 6X-500 v1.2.0
Lindell 7X-500 v1.2.0
Lindell ChannelX v1.2.0
Lindell PEX v1.2.0
Lindell TE-100 v1.1.0