Download Music Theory and Functional Harmony TUTORiAL

Music Theory and Functional Harmony TUTORiAL

When studying about Music Theory most individuals begin with scales, modes and chords and then type of.. cease. This makes you miss out on of essentially the most thrilling components of Theory: Type.

On this course we’re going to take a look at not solely these all necessary scales and chords, but in addition Functional Harmony, which is a system that categorises Chords into their distinctive “capabilities”.

It will will let you construct chord progressions that evoke particular feelings, making a story wherein you’re the author, you may steer the story into any course relying on the temper you need to create: in no matter kind of music you produce!

Scales & Intervals, Sharps & Flats

Main & Minor Scales
On this video we have a look at how main and minor scales work and how you will discover them, together with intervals.

•Rationalization of steps and scales
•Study main & minor scales
•Study intervals & the right way to apply them

Sharps & Flats
We’ll be taught the distinction between sharp and flat notes, together with an introduction to taking part in scales.

•Introduction to taking part in scales
•When to make use of sharps and flats
•Be taught to create contrasting observe progressions

Primary & Superior Chord Creation

Primary Chords
On this part we’ll be taught the abilities it’s worthwhile to create primary chords, each main and minor triads plus discover out about arpeggios.

•Making use of guidelines to construct chords
•Utilizing thirds and fifths
•What’s an arpeggio?

Diminished & seventh Chords
Right here we transfer on to ending the muse part of this course: writing extra superior chord creation comparable to diminished and seventh’s.

•Learn to harmonize scales
•Utilizing main, main & dominant 7ths

Chord Capabilities Launched

Learn to use your new expertise
Jor explains the right way to get some spectacular outcomes from the musical language we’ve learnt thus far to develop your creativity and make some wonderful chord progressions as he introduces Functional Harmony principle.

Every part that you simply’ve learnt thus far will begin to come collectively, permitting you to grasp creating your individual tough, intricate chord sequences from scratch.

•Learn to use Functional Harmony
•Tonic, pre-dominant and dominant capabilities
•Creating excessive pressure in your progressions

The totally different capabilities defined

Tonic Operate
Right here we’ll learn to use the Tonic Operate to create stability in our musical panorama

•Outline the place your music goes
•Study prolongation
•Carry a couple of feeling of conclusion

The Dominant Operate
Learn to use the Dominant Operate to create a tense feeling in your chord progressions, and when to make use of this method for optimum influence.

•Create pressure
•Chord choice
•Resolving your development

Extra chord capabilities defined

The Pre-Dominant Operate
On this part teaches us in regards to the predominant, or sub dominant operate, essentially the most versatile of the operate we’ll find out about on this course. You’ll learn to transfer between Tonic and Dominant capabilities to complete your progressions with full artistry.

•When to make use of the Pre-Dominant operate
•How one can use ‘bizarre’ chords & inversions
•Be taught to modulate to totally different scales?

This course contains two movies detailing examples of the right way to use the strategies that you simply’ve used, serving to you to write down the chord progressions of your goals!

•Create spectacular chord sequences
•Grasp Functional Harmony

Music Theory and Functional Harmony TUTORiAL