Download NI EXPANSiONS PACK v2.0.0 WiN MAC


Immediately Native Devices releases Expansions. Based mostly on the acclaimed MASCHINE Expansions sequence, these 50+ genre-based sound packs comprise all the pieces a musician must create a full observe in a particular model. From preloaded drum kits to specially-designed synth presets, development kits, samples, and track patterns, Expansions have been designed to completely combine with a variety of well-liked NI merchandise, together with MASCHINE, BATTERY 4, MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM.


  • EXPANSiON.Amplified.Funk.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Arcane.Attic.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Astral.Flutter.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Black.Arc.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Byte.Riot.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Caribbean.Present.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Cavern.Ground.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Circuit.Halo.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Crystal.Daggers.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Darkish.Stress.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Decoded.Types.v2.0.1.ISO
  • MEXPANSiON.Drop.Squad.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Electrical.Vice.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Golden.Kingdom.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Gray.Forge.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Halcyon.Sky.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Headland.Movement.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Helios.Ray.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Hexagon.Freeway.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Lazer.Cube.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Lilac.Glare.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Lone.Forest.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Lucid.Mission.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Magnate.Hustle.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Marble.Rims.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Molten.Veil.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Motor.Influence.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Neon.Drive.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Paradise.Rinse.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Platinum.Bounce.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Prismatic.Bliss.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Prospect.Haze.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Pulswerk.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Queensbridge.Story.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Radiant.Horizon.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Uncooked.Voltage.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Resonant.Blaze.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Rising.Crescent.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Sierra.Grove.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Photo voltaic.Breeze.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Static.Friction.v2.0.1.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Transistor.Punch.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.True.College.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Velvet.Lounge.v2.0.0.ISO
  • EXPANSiON.Classic.Warmth.v2.0.0.ISO

About Expansions:
Extra than simply samples and loops, every Enlargement equips musicians with all the mandatory instruments to construct a observe in a particular style, from magesy obtain begin to end. This consists of:
– Pre-assembled drum kits for MASCHINE and BATTERY 4. That is the primary time that Native Devices has launched new drum kits for BATTERY. Each equipment is tagged and color-coded for clear, intuitive shopping, and MASCHINE kits come pre-mapped and enhanced by MASCHINE’s acclaimed FX chains.
– New synth presets for MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM. These present genre-specific seems like deep basses, lush pads, and razor sharp leads, with out the necessity for knowledgeable programming.
– Development equipment loops, samples, and one-shots. Coming in WAV format and suitable with any DAW, development kits work as versatile inventive constructing blocks. Samples and one-shots slot into any sampler and are 100% royalty free.
– Pre-made MIDI patterns and FX chains for MASCHINE. Utilizing Expansions with MASCHINE offers much more flexibility . Pre-made patterns act as editable development kits, permitting customers to make them their very own on the fly, for super-quick creativity. Plus, FX chains permit customers to dial in a genre-specific really feel on the flip of a knob.

Large due to the provider of the brand new v2 Enlargement ISO’s, who needs to stay anon

Software program Necessities:
– Loops and Samples work in any DAW
– MASCHINE content material requires MASCHINE software program 2.7 or larger
– Moreover: Please replace to the most recent variations of BATTERY 4, MASSIVE, MONARK, REAKTOR PRISM and REAKTOR 6 or the REAKTOR 6 PLAYER

2.0.0 — 2018-02-19
Renamed MASCHINE EXPANSIONS. EXPANSE, added BATTERY, kits and audio loops.
Please word that this replace requires MASCHINE 2.7.2 solely supported by MacOS 10.11 or newer.

Following the curation of the unique MASCHINE kits, BATTERY 4.1 kits have been created from magesy obtain the unprocessed samples. Sounds inside a equipment produced by MASSIVE, MONARK, REAKTOR PRISM or a MASCHINE Drum Synth have been resampled tor use in BATTERY 4.1. A number of specifically curated kits have been additionally created to BATTERY 4.1, corresponding to all kicks inside an enlargement.

ADDED Audo Loops
Exported from magesy obtain particular person MASCHINE equipment patterns, consisting of single components and mixtures, these audio loops are specifically curated to supply genuine constructing blocks for the music style.