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Omni | Electronic Autoharp
Omni is a sampled Omnichord for Ableton Stay, containing all of the sounds of the traditional Suzuki Omnichord and a number of other sounds from the fashionable Q-Chord. The unique Omnichord OM27 was launched in 1981, and was cherished for it’s charming 8-bit sound and the power to strum it like an auto-harp. Well-known customers embrace Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fireplace, David Bowie, Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois, Gorillaz, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Jim James of Morning Jacket.
Though the strummed SonicStrings are probably the most utilised characteristic, the Omnichord additionally supplies the participant with organ-style chords, auto-bass patterns and drum loops, permitting the participant to emulate the sound of a full band. There are a lot of other ways of enjoying the Omnichord, and I’ve aimed to make this Ableton Stay Pack as numerous as attainable. I sampled my outdated, overwhelmed up Omnichord OM36 and 6 sounds from my Suzuki Q-Chord. The strummed devices mimic the Omnichord with full accuracy, and help you create absolutely adjustable strummed arpeggios to be used in your personal music.

The OmniStrum devices replicate the harp-like strums that may be performed with the Omnichords strumplate. I’ve used Stay’s MIDI results to create the arpeggios, which means they are often performed at any velocity, and I’ve additionally replicated the way in which that the Omnichord performs completely different chords with completely different arpeggio patterns, so each arp strum performs identical to the Omnichords.

In addition to arpeggio velocity, the be aware maintain size will be adjusted identical to the actual Omnichord, and I’ve additionally added a tone operate and an adjustable vary knob that takes every thing up or down an octave. Refrain, vibrato and reverb make up the consequences, and the Analog setting provides refined imperfections to the instrument that make it sounds extra actual. The sounds are traditional, guitar, piano, harp, flute, synth and vibes.

The OmniOrgan devices play the chord backings the Omnichord produces to accompany the strums, they’ll both be performed alongside the OmniStrums devices, or on their very own. I’ve additionally included OmniOrgan PF, which is the OM36 run by way of an Eventide PitchFactor pedal, creating some actually dense harmonies – certainly one of my private favorite methods!

OmniBass and OmniDrums present the rhythm part component of the Omnichord; with the previous enjoying auto-bass patterns, and the latter triggering lo-fi drum loops. The bass patterns match the chords of the OmniStrum and OmniOrgan devices, and can be utilized to offer bass accompaniment, and each devices robotically modify to Stay’s tempo.

320 24bit WAV Samples
7 Strum Patches
7 Chord Sorts
7 Keys Patches
10 Auto-bass Patches
2 Organ Patches MIDI Strum Machine
Requires Ableton Stay 9.7 or later (all editions)

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