Download Puff Produce WAV-SYNTHiC4TE

Distinctive breakbeats and over 30 vocal samples, full with dubbed out results and quirky surprises, produced with reside (stoned) studio musicians.

We’re fairly rattling enthusiastic about this one. For ‘Puff Puff Produce’ we’ve collected our IRRUPT scientists and invited some further pals to hitch. We left them in a studio with an arsenal of drum kits, some microphones, a bong, some rolling papers, an amazing quantity of digital and analogue results, and mentioned to them: “go nuts, have enjoyable, get stoned, make sound.” This product is the results of a freestyle session of jamming, recording, and smoking. It’s impressed by the transatlantic journey from Los Angeles to Berlin, and all of the great cities present in between. It’s the sound of musicians having enjoyable and making critical audio instruments only for you.

From city vibes to techno warehouses, the Irrupt expertise is captured in an ideal cloudy haze inside this product, showcasing our understanding of the numerous sensible shades of digital music, and our ongoing need to encourage inventive music manufacturing.

Upon opening ‘Puff Puff Produce,’ you’ll be handled to 25 distinctive breakbeats, created with reside studio musicians to reinforce that unfastened and wonderful human aspect. We additionally dropped over 30 vocal samples, full with dubbed out results and quirky surprises. Puff puff, produce.. y’all.