Download RSO Plugins: Extreme Warmth, Vocal Magic, Extreme Punch

three Plugins by RSO: Vocal Magic VST 4.0, Heat 1.Zero VST, Extreme Punch VST v10B.

Vocal Magic Professional is a posh mix of multi-processors designed so as to add musical vitality to a vocal and enhance its mix in a mixture. It was designed particularly for vocals and responds extraordinarily properly to all types of singers. Vocal Magic goals to assist your vocals stand out within the combine with out sounding overly processed.

Extreme Heat is a VST plugin designed to heat up digital recording by emulating classic analog applied sciences. One drawback with digital recording will be the quantity of element it’s able to capturing. This element can embrace some traits which might be merely not musical, comparable to edgy microphones, string noise or guitar distortion missing heat. Extreme Heat was designed to not solely soften extreme particulars however heat up and fatten the observe as properly.

ExTreme Punch is particularly designed to emulate the sound of tape saturation.Tape saturation happens when the magnetic particles on analog tape change into utterly saturated. The result’s a sort of very fats compression which many producers consider sounds rounder and extra dense than mechanical compression. Tape saturation is what gave analog recording the nice and cozy and fats traits it was know for. ExTreme Punch is straightforward to make use of and was designed for thickening low frequency tracks comparable to bass guitar and bass drum.