Download Sknote Attackease VST v2.0.0 ASSiGN

Attackease takes an audio enter (i.e. a drum mic observe) and separates the incoming audio into two tracks, assault and maintain, with selectable threshold and time constants. Assault and maintain might be processed individually after which re-combined. Inside compressors for assault and maintain are included. Actually totally different from a compressor, any exterior processor can be utilized to additional course of assault and maintain. The plug-in can set off MIDI notes on assault (with selectable channel and word quantity).


Evaluation, assault, maintain and MIDI sections.
Automatable threshold (for correct triggering).
Included assault and maintain separate compressors.
Inside or exterior sidechain with inner sidechain filter (for a extra correct triggering).
MIDI output on set off (with selectable channel and word quantity).
Separate outputs for assault and maintain (for additional processing).