Download Sknote Q796 VST v1.0.6-peace-out

Q796 is the primary in a collection of plug-ins modeled on basic {hardware} gadgets. It’s a stereo gadget with stereo sidechain. Constructed for mastering however nice on single devices.


Expander: features a pump-up mode (compresses LOW ranges, makes sound full).
Compressor: Feed-forward (the trendy manner) and feed-back (the classic manner) modes.
Unfavorable ratio.
Steady Peak-RMS set.
Acquire discount restrict (nice for invisible squashing).
Distortion (static and dynamic; begins over the brink and will increase with achieve).
Very long time integration (an extra very gradual time fixed).

Limiter: a really quick limiter.

The “analog” interface, modeled on the {hardware}, is built-in in a “digital” body, for a greater management. Three separate graphs present in realtime:
Enter waveform.
Output waveform.
Management sign (from Peak to RMS).
Acquire discount.