STRINGPOOL has 2.5GB of superbly performed clear and brutally textured violin bowing with BPM synced modwheel pace management – play a word and transfer the modwheel to bow sooner or slower, push down in your keyboard for aftertouch managed quantity swelling.

The design strategy of STRINGPOOL meant forcing virtuoso violinist Sophia Bartlette into many painful days of tortuous sampling (no one actually enjoys sampling – don’t ever allow them to make you suppose in any other case). Whereas they quietly slurped espresso Sophia teased hours of superbly lyrical lengthy bowed single notes from her 200-year instrument. For each word, 4 completely different bowing speeds with a touch of vibrato.

From these hours of recordings, they created a whole bunch of seamless, clear single word loops and another set of ‘handled’ samples mangled by means of tape, valves and Sound Mud malarky.

Then it was all poured into a posh Kontakt engine with a easy interface and wealth of expressive prospects.
The true pleasure of STRINGPOOL is you can morph in realtime by means of the BPM synced bowing tempo divisions with the modwheel (or CC1) whereas additionally utilizing your keyboard aftertouch (or a CC of your alternative) for quantity expression to create realistically human violining sounds. Additionally each management will be automated in your DAW or midi discovered for unrealistically human violining sounds.

STRINGPOOL could by no means sound ‘fairly’ nearly as good as Sophia in full move – however for MUCH much less ache you may get slightly of her magic and slightly little bit of Sound Mud magic in your tracks.

Whats Inside ?
– 2.44GB obtain – requires a wholesome chunk of pc RAM
– Variations for Kontakt 5.eight and Kontakt 6.1.1
– 6 devices (.nki) per Kontakt model
– BPM synced – Refrain, Filter and Grit
– Low CPU 100BPM – Refrain, Filter and Grit
– 75 starter snapshots (complete)
– 2 pattern units – CLEAN and TREATED
– Traditional Sound Mud RTFM instruction guide constructed into interface

Waveform part
– Modwheel hardwired to bowing pace management (or use CC1) – tempo synced
– Realtime waveform show
– Grasp quantity management – cc map-able (useful as an alternative of aftertouch for expression)
– Velocity to quantity management
– Pitch bend depth – from 1 semitone to 12
– Aftertouch to voulme management – for useful expression management
– Quantity assault, decay, maintain and launch
– Clear or Handled pattern set choice
– Notice lock management – spreads final performed word throughout complete keyboard for loopy old skool sampling.
– Trem Chaos – randomises tremolo lfo form (however nonetheless tempo synced)
– Legato – units pattern set to legato mode – new word play continues from final word place
– Exact readout of XY pad management values
– Convolution impulse choose – 80 customized made IRs – eight categories- 10 impulses per class

XY pad
– Tape saturation + distortion, refrain or high and low go filter – relying on .nki
– Tremolo – frequency (tempo synced) X – depth Y
– Convolution – quantity dry X – quantity moist Y
– Strong G equaliser – 1 band = 600 hz to 7 khz- frequency X – quantity Y
– Midi study triangles – for exterior controllers to study XY pucks
– Stereo width management – from mono to w i d e
– On/off and reset controls per impact (click on impact icon)

Kontakt 6 model
– Replika delay – 5 wonderful sounding delay machine varieties
– 20 Replika delay presets