Download Synthesizer MK 1 VSTi v1.00

The THS Synthesizer incorporates a new synthesis algorithm, the “TransHarmonic Synthesis”, with a newly developed THS Oscillator. With its “extremely quick” real-time calculation as much as 8,000,00Zero waveforms are morphed into one another. The THS Synthesizer provides an intuitive and straightforward dealing with idea that includes the newly developed 3D wave-pad. It combines a strong sound with tons of modulation potentialities to create a “Sequencing-Monster” as MK 1 of the THS synthesizer sequence.

THS Concept

The provider wave of the THS-Oscillator is a clear sine wave. Any transfer within the wavepad will add subharmonic waves; harmonic higher waves and the brand new found transharmonic waveline. This new synthesis can be utilized to simply rebuild basic waveforms from sine to noticed, with octave scaled subharmonics to arduous and dry single oscillation sounds. The Subharmonics could be detuned to get the basic phasing sound. The brand new transharmonic waveline interacts with the subharmonic and harmonic upperwaves. At the very least 8,000,00Zero doable wavepad settings stand for 8,000,00Zero mixing-levels between subharmonic waves, harmonic upperwaves and transharmonic waves.


– TransHarmonic Synthesis.
– Morph as much as 8,000,00Zero waveforms into one another.
– 3D wavepad.
– 1 voice monophonic (basic old skool modular structure).
– THS Oscillator.
– 1 Quantum Filter – multimode (LP / AP/ HP) – Filter 12-24 dB/oct – self oscillation doable.
– 2 Modulation Sequencer – 1 Panstep Sequencer.
– 2 Envelope Mills – with form controller.
– 1 Delays – MIDI syncable – cross mode.
– three Low frequency Oscillators – MIDI-syncable – Eight waveforms.