Download Synthetic Soundtracks 2 ELASTIK

Episode 2: The Return of Analog Energy
Synthetic Soundtracks Episode 1: Daybreak of Analog Energy supplied the beginning of an formidable journey into the universe of traditional synth-based movie scores. Episode 2: The Return of Analog Energy, represents the following installment of this sonic trilogy and delivers an extra 10, gigantic, Elastik-based, development kits. Whether or not your soundtrack wants a way of recent hope, or to seize the epic scale of inter-stellar battles, Episode 2 will guarantee your music is as large as the size of your visuals.

Epic Music For Epic Scenes
The library comprises over 1000 loops and samples throughout 4.3GB of pattern information. Every package comprises between Four or 5 musical sections and, in addition to each processed and dry variations of most of the loops, additionally consists of particular person drum sounds. Devices embody analog-style, synth-based, lead, pad, arpeggio, bass and sub-bass sounds and are complemented by organs and electrical pianos. Sound results together with impacts, ambiences, lifters and risers are additionally included. Each digital and acoustic drum sounds are current and embody snares, kicks, sub-kicks, cymbals and numerous digital percussion. Authentic tempos vary from 60 to 96bpm however Elastik’s high-quality tempo-matching instruments present for loads of extra tempo flexibility.

Ultimate For Futuristic Soundtracks
The synths could also be traditional, however Synthetic Soundtracks 2 is a musical futurescope. Impressed by the sounds, types and drama of sci-fi movies that span the ages from The Terminator to Blade Runner 2049, Synthetic Soundtracks 2 permits you to press the musical hyperdrive button and proceed your epic journey throughout the lightyears.

Produced by J.Holo