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Elastik Bass and Lead Strains
All patterns had been performed on analogue classics like Minimoog or Studio Electronics and recorded with out extra EQ or mastering instruments. The sound is timeless and all of the samples may be blended and matched with one another to realize a larger vary of variations.

Content material
All phrases had been performed by skilled studio musicians with no midi utilization or quantization, protecting the groove and essence as pure as doable.
Not solely had been all phrases recorded with three completely different sounds however every phrase additionally options two barely completely different parameter settings on its respective stereo channels, making it doable to change the sound much more: By adjusting the pan on a mono channel you’ll be able to morph between the 2 variations of a phrase to change it to your calls for.

This makes Synthlines an ideal match for if you want a fats bassline or a cool lead on your manufacturing. Because of the Elastik engine, the important thing, tempo, pitch, or formant of complete melodies or single notes may be manipulated to the acute, offering an enormous playground for sound-fanatics.

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