Download The Boss Bundle v1.0.1-R2R

The Boss Led Diode Distortion plugin is the proper recreation of an iconic late 80s British guitar impact pedal, the primary “amp in a field” pedal that replicates the tone and distortion character of well-known black and gold British guitar amps.

This little pedal, that was utilized by Gary Moore on Nonetheless Acquired The Blues, Kevin Shields, Josh Klinghoffer and plenty of extra, recreates the sound of a traditional British stack cranked up with a easy strong state circuit that Nembrini Audio emulates in each nuances.

Nembrini Audio completely recreates the 2 led diode distortion circuit and the amp type passive three tone controls of the unique unit and provides the flexibility that solely the digital world permits.

As well as Nembrini Audio creates The Boss Rack plugin aimed to producers and sound designers, with the identical distortion and tone circuit plus extremely bass increase band, moist/dry combine characteristic, part inversion, mid/facet operation and the acclaimed Analog Hyperlink characteristic which introduces the everyday unpredictability of the analog world by inserting micro-variations between the precise and the left channel.

The Boss Rack Led Diode Distortion plugin is the proper addition to any fashionable musician and producer in the hunt for really analog coloration for his or her productions!