Download The Granular Collection In The Key Of G WAV SYNTHiC4TE

This assortment of sounds is generated utilizing classic synthesizers, reside orchestral recordings and complicated offline digital sign processing platforms akin to Kyma, Csound and CDP.
It’s the first in a group of lush, cinematic textures for movie composition, digital music and something that requires, costly, expansive textures and ambient sound beds. This assortment solely explores granular and molecular, complicated sound therapies.

Most of the textures can be utilized as full compositions in themselves. Some are 2-Three minutes lengthy with dynamic, shifting morphing, deeply layered granular timbres and textures. The method I exploit these in my very own work are : 1. As an inspiration for a brand new composition. Seize a handful of textures in say F#, pull them into your DAW, crossfade, layer, fade out and in, eq to style (many are full spectrum so in case your utilizing multiple, greatest to excessive cross filter all however one), add reverbs and panning and you’ve got the idea of a full composition. Seize your orchestral libraries or piano for movie composition or add a sidechain and kick drum for digital music and you might be off and working. 2. As elegant, lush breakdowns and transitions or in instrumental passages in an present composition. Say you’re doing a deep home monitor in Eb. You’ve labored as much as the breakdown and made a put up breakdown drop however have to make an epic breakdown. Flip by way of a few of The Granular Collection in Eb whereas your DAW is in loop. Discover a handful of textures that work harmonically and from a spectral vantage level in your composition. Pull 4-5 textures into your breakdown space. Excessive Move filter all however one in all them. Add eq, verb, crossfades and so on and save one to do a ramp that fades from naught to full quantity (as much as your drop). Somewhat arranging and in an hour you’ve an enormous sounding breakdown with elegant, complicated and detailed sound design.