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The Muted Seiler KONTAKT

Your new secret weapon: “The Muted Seiler” – Experimental Hybrid Piano library with distinctive sound-design options and highly effective Arpeggiator.

What began off as a recreation, right here within the Sofia Session Studio’s hallways, blossomed into an experimental library with devices by no means sampled earlier than. Girls and gents, we provide you with “The Muted Seiler” !

That includes a closely damped and muted previous Eduard Seiler piano (with 128 pairs of earplugs and a tiny little bit of paper) with one objective – to realize the distinctive percussive and punchy sound the library provides all its customers.

Its distinctive timbre and options make “The Muted Seiler” an ideal match for all types of music productions. Regardless in the event you see it as synthesizer based mostly on natural recordings, an electroaccoustic instrument or simply the nice previous piano for scoring.

– SUSTAINS (single word) – 1xRR, A-1 – E6
– SHORTS (single word) – 5xRR, A-1 – E6
– SHORTS (octaves) – 5xRR, A-1 – C2
– DYNAMICS – four layers



Requires Native Devices Kontakt 5.7.1+ FULL model!

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