Download Wavs On Road WAV

15 Unique Multi Style Samples. Recorded utilizing classic keyboards and combined through a lot of analog tube gear.

Gear Used

Oberheim OB-6

Sequential Six Monitor

Classic Bass & Guitar

Fender Rhodes

Vibrosonic Reverb Amp




*Grasp Clearance Assured*

* (Which means, should you place a file on a MAJOR LABEL utilizing the pattern(s), you’ll break up the publishing with Mario Luciano pretty & Co-Manufacturing credit score + honest break up on up-front producer charge (the place relevant) (CONTACT: [email protected] if that is so). NO pattern clearing hassles in any respect. If the pattern(s) are used on any NON MAJOR LABEL platforms, you are able to do something you’d like with them (add to Soundcloud, promote the beat to indy artist, embrace on beat-tape, and so forth and so forth).

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