Download Yamaha SK50D v1.1.2 KONTAKT-0TH3Rside

Yamaha SK50D v1.1.2 KONTAKT-0TH3Rside

The Affinity SK50D is a Kontakt Library Replication of the ultra-rare Yamaha SK50D twin keyboard synthesizer and symphonic organ. Produced over 40 Years in the past in only a few numbers, we captured each nuance of this nostalgic and distinctive multi-timber instrument. It contains 5 full-featured modules together with a large solo monophonic synth, a Three oscillator polyphonic synth and string machine, a monstrously distinctive Three oscillator monophonic bass synth, a 2 timber lush decrease organ and an adjustable 9 drawbar fashion higher organ with a further Three timber perk layers.

* 100% Analogue Captured
We modeled this 100% Analogue instrument to behave prefer it was initially
meant and labored arduous to seize its aesthetic look, perform, and sound.
We used premium AD/DA converters and a pure sign chain to protect an
genuine sound signature. We then constructed every module to behave how the
unique instrument didn’t solely in itself however in relation to one another.
We made certain our multi patches work with a single trendy midi controller
and the initially meant two keyboard setup. Each parameter might be
automated inside Kontakt and mapped to your most popular CC preferences.


Solo Synth
The solo synth is an 88 key monophonic synthesizer that characteristic
two oscillators; a sawtooth and pulse. Every oscillator might be
stacked to create highly effective bass leads and toplines. It has a singular
glide characteristic that may bend every be aware subtlely creating an fascinating
twist on playback. It options normal ADSR controls for the amp
and filter which each share an LFO for additional modulation.

The PolySynth is an 88 key polyphonic synthesizer that includes 3
oscillators; string, sawtooth, and sq.. Every oscillator might be stacked,
tuned, and performed with just about limitless voices. Its traditional sound
character provides it an genuine classic really feel again to a pre-digital period. It
options normal ADSR controls for the amp and filter with a further
velocity knob for keyboard delicate playback.

Higher Organ
The higher organ is a 61 key 12 timber drawbar fashion organ. It options
9 sustained and three perk fashion harmonics. Every timber might be layered with
a traditional impact. It contains a convolution reverb and a rotary impact
integrated by the mod wheel.

Decrease Organ.
The decrease organ is a 61 key 2 timber organ. Every timber
might be layered for wealthy tonality. It contains a distinctive ensemble impact,
convolution reverb, and a rotary impact integrated by the mod wheel.
Its traditional sound might be heard in hits all through the ’80s. It additionally options
normal ADSR controls for the amp and bass by means of mechanics.

The bass module is comprised of three separate sine oscillators; 16th harmonic,
eighth harmonic and Perk harmonic. Upon activating these you can be greeted
with a heat, deep and highly effective bass sound approximating a Yamaha electrical
bass. It options brillance controls and a easy launch depth for the amp.

• 1.46 gig uncompressed

• Requires KONTAKT or larger

Yamaha SK50D v1.1.2 KONTAKT-0TH3Rside