Download Zoumana Diarra – West African Guidebook

The juxtaposed rhythmic patterns and easy, participating melodies attribute of
conventional West African music has influenced many up to date types of music.
Ethnomusicologist Gerhard Kubik traced the roots of the blues again to West Africa, calling
it the “cradle of the blues.” Additionally rooted in West African music, Afro-Caribbean music
finally migrated to the USA to assist form jazz.
Paul Simon, Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, Corey Harris and plenty of different artists and guitarists have
efficiently explored African rhythms and melodies throughout pop, rock, blues, people, and jazz
genres. Now you possibly can too! Seize a window seat on the tour bus and be a part of Zoumana Diarra – a
Griot from Mali in West Africa – as he leads you on a tour throughout the West African Guitar
Zoumana Diarra is a Griot. Griots are a form of Troubadour, a touring musician or singer
who is aware of the historical past of a neighborhood tribe or household and makes certain that tales are informed, re-
informed and saved for posterity. The standard devices of a Griot are Kora, Balafon,
Djembe, and Ngoni. Immediately guitar has an vital function within the music a Griot performs. We’re
very excited to welcome Zoumana to the household together with his first TrueFire course, The West
African Guitar Guidebook.
Zoumana demonstrates and guides you thru eleven important types and grooves that
originated from completely different West African International locations. You’ll discover ways to play Bambara (Mali),
African Rumba (Senegal/Congo), Minuit, Gumbe (Guinee Bissau), Highlife (Ghana), Manding
(Senegal/Burkina Faso/Ivory Coast) , Soukous (Congo), Njaro (Sahara desert), Mali Blues,
Gwe Gwe (Ivory Coast) and Methode Kora. Every of those West African types has a number of
melodies, which when performed collectively type intricate, compelling grooves.